A translation is the transfer of a written text (source text) into another language (target language). The transfer is a skill in itself which has to be acquired. It is not simply a question of being able to speak several languages at a high level. Your texts are the linguistic representation of your organisation. Therefore, you should entrust your texts to real professionals – you will notice the difference! 



Working principles


In order to guarantee excellent quality translations, I usually work according to the double-checking principle by collaborating with at least one other colleague (translation + revision by a second translator). In addition, at least one of the translators is native in the translation’s target language. This ensures that your translations sound as if written in the target language.


As an Austrian language service provider, I am able to provide your translations into German according to either the Austrian or German standard, depending on your requirements. 



Related services 


In the course of the translation process, various steps may be necessary which I gladly undertake for you. These include: 

  • Revision (bilingual check of translations by comparing with the source text) 
  • Linguistic editing (monolingual check of texts with regard to the style, orthography, grammar etc.) 
  • Proofreading (also called galley proofreading, final check of the translation in the original format before it goes to print) 
  • Text production (creation of texts with specific content in a particular language) 





I offer translations in the following language combinations: 

  • from English into German  
  • from German into English 
  • from Italian into German 
  • from Czech into German 



Subject areas 


My focus is on translations of expressive texts, i.e. texts that require high linguistic sensitivity, such as marketing or literary texts. My specialist subject areas are tourism, art and culture, politics, environment amongst others. I also offer translations in subject areas such as law (certified translations), business and engineering





Where appropriate and depending on the source text and format, your translations are completed using a CAT tool (computer-aided translation) to ensure a consistent style and terminology. I am highly skilled with SDL Trados Studio and memoQ, though I will gladly work with other tools on request. 


If you already have existing translations or terminology lists in an appropriate format, these can be imported into the CAT tool so that the terminology and style of the existing translations can be taken into account for the new translation. 



Price calculation 


Excellent quality requires a fair price. Therefore, I calculate my prices according to the Translation Rates recommended by the Austrian Association of Translators and Interpreters UNIVERSITAS. Prices depend on the text’s length and degree of specialisation. Send your text to to receive a quote.

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