Certified Translations

Certified translations are translations of official and other documents for authorities and can only be provided by Sworn and Certified Court Interpreters.





As a Sworn and Certified Court Interpreter in Austria, I offer certified translations in the following language combinations:

  • from English into German
  • from German into English

Depending on the authority, the certified translation is attached directly to the original or to a copy of the original and must contain a clause and the court interpreter's round seal. Therefore, a physical handover or delivery by post or messenger service is required. Contact me at office@linguina.at for further information.



Zertifiziert für Übersetzen nach dem Österreichischen Berufsverband für Dolmetschen und Übersetzen UNIVERSITAS

Allgemein beeidete und gerichtlich zertifizierte Dolmetscherin für die englische Sprache

Mitglied der Wirtschaftskammer Österreich

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