Interpreting is the transfer of an oral text into another language. The transfer is a skill in itself which has to be acquired. It is not simply a question of being able to speak several languages at a high level. In addition, a high-quality interpreting service requires thorough preparation. For this reason, precise information and the appropriate preparation material are essential. 



Interpreting types 


I offer the following types of interpreting: 

  • Consecutive interpreting: the interpreting is performed with the help of interpreting notes in short passages after the speaker has ended. Typical areas of application are business negotiations, court hearings or official speeches. 
  • Simultaneous interpreting: the interpreting is performed simultaneously with the original speech using interpreting equipment (such as cabins, microphones and headphones). Typical applications are conferences with participants from several countries. If interpreting is needed only for one or two participants into one language, the interpreter can also sit behind the participant(s) and whisper the interpretation into their ears. For simultaneous interpreting at venues without the possibility of installing interpreting booths, for example during guided tours around company premises, a portable interpreting system with headphones for the participants can be used. 





I offer interpreting services in the following language combinations:  

  • from English into German  
  • from German into English 
  • from Italian into German 
  • from Czech into German 



Subject areas 


Generally, I offer interpreting services for all kinds of events and subject areas if thorough preparation is possible. In addition, I would be glad to advise you on the type of interpreting that would be most appropriate for your event. 



Interpreting equipment 


If you do not have the necessary interpreting equipment available, I will gladly assist you in organising this. 



Price calculation 


Excellent quality requires a fair price. Therefore, I calculate my prices according to the Interpreting Rates recommended by the Austrian Association of Translators and Interpreters UNIVERSITAS. Send your request to to receive a quote.

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